Digestive Disease

Texas Digestive Disease Consultants is one of the nation’s largest gastroenterology practices. The group of board-certified doctors at Legacy Medical Village includes Dr. Andrew Bolin, Dr. Christie Choi, Dr. David Park, Dr. Grace Vanesko, Dr. Jason Edling, Dr. Aris Tsiakos, and Dr. Daniel Friedman. The highly-trained staff conducts colonoscopies to screen for cancer and remove polyps and endoscopies to evaluate and treat reflux and ulcers. Texas Digestive Disease Consultants is known for being a progressive group that utilizes innovative gastrointestinal technologies to obtain the best possible treatment for patients’ digestive problems. The practice is the largest gastroenterology group in Dallas to utilize Electronic Medical Records, which enables doctors to better communicate among each other and with patients, delivering a higher quality of healthcare. For more information call
(972) 943-8440 or visit www.tddctx.com.


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